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At last! The city has a policy on beach erosion.
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Town Hall meeting report: Sept 20, 2011
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RECENTLY FOUND! An article published in 1991 that exposes the Army Corps of Engineers’ wasteful practices and a better solution. Read it here
June 10: Read what our city commissioners said about Flagler’s beach erosion at the 6/9 meeting

The future is in our hands…

Flagler County’s beaches are threatened…

…and threatened not only by erosion by the sea.

Our beaches, sand dunes, Scenic Coastal Highway A1A, and the very existence of our coastal townships are at risk of serious deterioration. Why?

  • Dredging inlets and building piers has interfered with the natural stability of the coastline.
  • The flow of nearshore currents and wave activity has been altered as a result of this activity and has caused gradual erosion.
  • The reaction is to protect Scenic Coastal Highway A1A by building seawalls.
  • Erosion is accelerated by seawalls.

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We can’t change the past. The damage is done. But we can change the future.

This website is dedicated to resolving the issue of our beach erosion and associated damage. The organization behind it is a group of very concerned citizens and others who care about the beaches, the sand dunes, the sea turtles, the right whales, and yes, Coastal Highway A1A.

For without these things, we have little to attract residents or visitors. And without the people and businesses to support them, our unique coastal townships will wither, making them vulnerable to high-rise developments like the rest of the eastern seaboard.

If we leave it to our city and county administrators, state and federal governments and bureaucracies, there is only one solution: a seawall.

We are here to stop this decision, which has proven over and over again to have disastrous results, and to research alternatives and promote a sensible solution that meets ALL the objectives:

  • Saving the beaches.
  • Saving the sand dunes.
  • Saving Scenic Coastal Highway A1A.
  • Saving sea turtles, endangered Right Whales and local ecosystems
  • Saving our towns.
  • Saving our livelihood.
  • Saving our very existence.

We need your help.

Join us in our fight to stop the building of a seawall and the continuous dredging and expense of renourishing the beach, and to promote a better solution.

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9 Responses to Save Our Beaches

  • jamie says:

    Would the reef balls not work two fold in this situation? A reef structure installed 1/2 a mile offshore would not only reduce and modify wave impact on the beach, but also create a fish habitat which would attract tourist dollars to the area from fishermen,divers, kayakers,ect..

    • The Wave Whisperer says:

      Reef Balls were actually among the first technologies the Save Flagler’s Beach group studied when we were trying to find an alternative to dredge-and-fill. This was back in 2006!

      We loved the idea of having submerged artificial reef balls that would be attractive to fish as well as helping with shoreline preservation. Our objection to them is that they don’t help the beach grow naturally, but purport only to extend the time periods needed between renourishments.

      So far the ONLY method we’ve found that requires no infusion of outside sand is Holmberg Technology’s Undercurrent Stabilizer Systems. That’s why our group is pushing so hard to have a demonstration project funded here.

      You’ll be happy to know, though, that wherever these have been installed undersea and benthic (sea bottom) life has flourished.

  • Sandi says:

    Just viewed the new video. It was a great explanation of underwater stabilizers.

  • Ruth Hellerman says:

    Hi, Mike….thank you so much for your comment. Please do explore the SaveFlalgersBeach.com website often. The solution to not only saving our beach, but….also doubling the size of our sand dunes and protecting our Designated Scenic A1A Highway/Byway……. is the Undercurrent Stabilizer System patented by the leading hydrologist in the world, Mr. Dick Holmberg of the Gulf Coast of the great state of Florida. We welcome your continued interest and support. Ruth Hellerman

  • mike says:

    I read what your group is opposed to – so what is your solution to save the beach?

    • webmaster says:

      Mike, the answer to your question is right here on this website! Take a look at the section on “Undercurrent Stabilizers” on the left side menu. We’ll be adding more information over time, so please also check back later.

      …and if you still have questions, please post them here. We love the opportunity to discuss the issues.


  • Glenn Laury says:

    What ever happened to the floating Groyne idea?

    • webmaster says:

      The Save Flagler’s Beach group has done a great deal of research on many different methods that have been used and/or suggested as ways to preserve and restore eroding beaches, but we have not heard of anything called “floating groins.” If you have discovered something new, please send us some information, and we’ll research it and report on this website.

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